Organization and Committees

Chairman :

G. GIARDINA (Messina, Italy)

Co-Chairmen :

S. HOFMANN (Darmstadt, Germany)
C. SCHAERF (Roma, Italy)

International Advisory Committee:

H.J. Arends (Germany)
B. B. Back (USA)
R. Beck (Germany)
P. Chomaz (France)
R.K. Choudhury (India)
E. De Sanctis (Italy)
S. Dmitriev (Russia)
K. Gelbke (USA)
G. Giardina (Italy)
C. Guaraldo (Italy)
S. Hofmann (Germany)
H. Ikezoe (Japan)
T. Ishikawa (Japan)
M.G. Itkis (Russia)
S. Kailas (India)
Kees de Jager (USA)
F. Klein (Germany)
M. Lattuada (Italy)
Yu-Gang Ma (China)
W. Meyer (Germany)
Y. Oganessian (Russia)
A.M. Sandorfi (USA)
C. Signorini (Italy)
C. Schaerf (Italy)
H. Schmieden (Germany)
A. Thomas (Germany)
V. Voronov (Russia)
D. Watts (Scotland)
Guo-qing Xiao (China)
En-Guang Zhao (China)

Scientific Secretary :

G. MANDAGLIO (Messina, Italy) and R. DI SALVO (Roma, Italy)

Local Organizing Commitee

G. Fazio (Messina), G. Giardina (Messina), G. Mandaglio (Messina), M. Manganaro (Messina), C. SaccĂ  (Messina), A. Fantini (Roma), V. Bellini (Catania), A. Di Pietro (Catania), A. F. Hanappe (Bruxelles), A. Nasirov (Dubna).

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