Scientific Program

The Conference will focus on the new projects and new lines of researches in the field of the Nuclear Reactions that will be developed in the main Laboratories and Research Centres during the next 10-15 years. Therefore, the conference is open to contributions on various kinds of nuclear reactions (also of astrophysical interest) between nuclei, and between particles and nucleons.

In the Conference, the main emphasis will be on the discussion (from experimental and theoretical points of view) of processes leading to heavy and light reaction products (with or without compound nucleus formation), synthesis of superheavy nuclei, investigations of baryonic resonances by hadronic or electromagnetic interactions and their decay with the production of scalar and vector mesons.

General Information

The Conference will consist of invited talks, oral and poster presentations of contributed papers.

The Conference language will be English.

The Conference will be held in Messina, at the University Palace. It is possible to lodge in different kind of hotels or residences.

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