Messina (Italy)                                                   November 8-9, 2010


1) G.G. Adamian
Peculiarities of sub-barrier reactions with heavy ions
2) N.V. Antonenko
Production of exotic nuclei in quasifission type reactions
3) Y. Aritomo
Analysis of fusion-fission and quasi-fission processes in reactions using 238U target nucleus
4) B.B. Back
Experimental Signatures of Quasifission
5) R.K. Choudhury
Non-equilibrium Processes in Heavy Ion Induced Fission Reactions
6) L. Corradi
The evolution from quasi-elastic to deep inelastic processes and its connection to fusion
7) G. Giardina
Quasifission dynamics from the theoretical analysis of experimental data of fissionlike reaction products
8) S. Heinz
Multi-nucleon transfer in super-heavy systems at sub- and near barrier energies
9) E. Kozulin
Investigation of heavy ion-induced reaction mechanism at energies near the coulomb barrier
12) M. Morjean
Discrimination between fission and quasi-fission from reaction time measurements
10) A.K. Nasirov
Dynamics of dinuclear system formation and its decay in heavy ion collisions
11) K. Nishio
Study for fusion-fission and quasifission in reactions using 238U target nucleus
13) K. Pomorski
ETF Estimates of fusion barrier heights
14) W. H. Trzaska
New opportunities for fission studies at JYFL
15) E. Vardaci
Statistics vs. dynamics in fission: hints from systems of intermediate fissility
16) H.Q. Zhang
Competition between fusion-fission and quasifission processes in the 32S +184W
17) M. Bhuyan
Structure of Super-heavy element Z=117
18) I. Dutt
Mass Dependence of Different Surface Effects in Heavy-ion Fusion Reactions
19) D.O. Eremenko
Dinuclear system life-time and angular distributions of quasifission fragments
20) M. Fisichella
Fusion cross section in 4,6He+64Zn collision around and below the Coulomb barrier
21) S. Gautam
Impact parameter dependence of isospin effects on the mass dependence of balance energy
22) S. Goyal
Effect of mass asymmetry on the mass dependence of balance energy
23) S. Kumar
Decay studies of rare-earth nuclei to superheavy elements and the associated shell effetcs
24) S.P. Maydanyuk
Bremsstrahlung accompanying ternary fission of nuclei
25) S. Markochev
Investigation of the high energy γ-rays accompanying spontaneous fission of 252Cf in double and triple neutron-γ coincidences
26) S.R. Palvanov
Excitation of Isomeric States in Reactions (γ ,n) and (n,2n) on 74,82Se nuclei
27) S.K. Patra
Anatomy of neck configuration in fission decay
28) C. Rizzo
Symmetry Energy Effects on Fusion Cross Sections
29) P.P. Singh
Incomplete vs Complete Fusion at 4-7 MeV/nucleon
30) E. Strano
Structure effects and dynamics in fusion reaction of light weakly bound nuclei
31) S. Szilner
Quasi-elastic reactions : an interplay of the reaction dynamics and the nuclear structure