Messina (Italy)                                                   November 10-11, 2011


1) S. Baunack
Parity violating electron scattering
2) F. Bossi
Search for Dark Forces at KLOE/KLOE-2
3) S. Costanza
Measurement of helicity dependent total inclusive γ 3He cross section and the GDH sum rule on the neutron
4) P. Gauzzi
KLOE results on light meson spectroscopy and prospects for KLOE-2
5) T. Jude
Status and perspectives in strangeness photoproduction
6) B. Krusche
Photoproduction of mesons off nuclei
7) A. Kupsc
MesonNet EU network for light meson decay and production studies
8) G. Mandaglio
KLOE results on hadronic cross section
9) M. Mascolo
10) M. Mirazita
Overview of recent results from CLAS
11) D. Moricciani
Hadronic Light-by-Light contribution to the muon anomalous magnetic moment
12) H. Schmieden
γ p ->K0Σ+ photoproduction
13) A. Thomas
Real Photon Experiments with a Transverse Polarized Target at MAMI
14) M. Unverzagt
Rare Meson Decays
15) V. Vegna
Photoproduction of vector mesons
16) G. Venanzoni
Latest on muon g-2 from experiment
17) D. Watts
Study of N* properties at CLAS